At the cultural and artistic growth of an individual and this is the reason why it stands opened to all, who have been identified with their innate talents and for whom we endeavourer to mould up through the experts in the respective fields of classical music, dance both cinematic and classical, instrumental, drawing and painting besides that other traditional art. Fr. Abel's Kalabhavan is located in Ernakulam North behind Townhall.

At present Fr. Abel's Kalabhavan becomes a milestone in cultural history of Kerala. On its growth, we contributed so many artists and singers to the world of art. Father started a Ganamela troupe with the help of Emil Rex Brothers and others. The troupe was a new concept in sixties. Jolly Abraham, Jensy, Sujatha Gopakumar and others were the early singers in his troupe. There are so many artists molded by Fr. Abel and Kalabhavan. By the grace of God we are able to hold the label he created. At present 160 talented artists are working in Fr. Abel's Kalabhavan to keep that values.